Aug 221998

All the ports – how to save time if you have the disk space

This article shows you how to install the port skeletons.  This will allow you to just cd into a directory and issue the make command.  You won’t have to fetch anything manually.

22 August 1998

Well, it’s not actually installing all of the ports.  It’s more like putting the ports on hard disk instead of the CD.  And it’s just the port skeletons.  A port skeleton allows you to just do a "make install" in order to install the port.   That’s the beauty of ports.  It’s all automatic.

I did this by performing the following steps after inserting the CD#1 of the FreeBSD set into the CD-ROM drive.


I waited for about 30 minutes while the files were transferred to my hard drive. Then I installed DHCP again.

For an example of how I used the above to actually install a port, see what I did when I reinstalled DHCP.