enabling DNS again

enabling DNS again

see also Getting local names to resolve (DNS)

29 August 1998

One of the problems I had when installing FreeBSD 2.2.7 on the new 5G disk was getting
local names to resolve.  For details on my original excursion into this arena, please
refer to the above link.  This time, all I need to do is reinstate the zone files from my diary and things should work.

That shouldn’t
take very long [he said at 9:09 pm]

At 10:46 pm, the gateway started working again.  Fully.  Properly.  In

I didn’t spend all of that time on the DNS issue.  I typed in the zone file by
hand.  But found that names did not resolve.  So I went off to the lounge to eat
some pizza, drink some beer, and watch The All Black play the Wallabies in Sydney for the
Bledisloe Cup Final.

When I returned during half time, I found that I’d typed my domain name incorrectly in
some of the zone files.  Bummer.  I fixed that and everything resolved.

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