getting natd to run again

getting natd to run again

See also, natd.

At this point, I had both network cards
running.  From the FreeBSD machine I could ping the outside world via ed0
and my subnet via ed1.   The next step was to
ping the outside world from elsewhere on my subnet.

I’ve modified my system to start DHCP and natd
automatically when the system starts up.  I have changed the /etc/rc.local
file to contain (NOTE:  /etc/rc.local is deprecated; use /usr/local/etc/rc.d/
instead; see Starting stuff at boot time and Installing IP Filter 3.3.3 for an

dhclient ed0
ifconfig ed1 inet
natd -f /etc/natd.conf

But my filtering rules need some adjustment.  For details on that, see Filtering.

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