Sep 011998

installing nslint – debug your DNS

see also dnswalk.

As part of the continuing Getting local names to resolve problem, I decided to install nslint at the advice of a helper on on the FreeBSD Questions mailing list.  Here’s what I’ve done so far:

26 July 1998

I checked my 2.2.5 CDs for nslint but it wasn’t there.  So I went to and checked out the cd /pub/FreeBSD/ports/net/ and looked for nslint.  I found a directory, but that’s not what I need.  I wanted a .tar file.  I remembered it was somewhere else.  I went back up the tree and found distfiles.  That’s where I found nslint-2.0a5.tar.Z.   I retrieved it from the FTP server it and then continued as below.

gunzip nslint-2.0a5.tar.Z

tar -xvf nslint-2.0a5.tar

cd nslint-2.0a5

make install

Well, that didn’t work.  And there’s no instructions.  So I posted a message to the mailing list.

27 July 1998

A reply on the mailing list suggests I try a package instead.  So I grabbed nslint-2.0a4.tgz from   Then I do the following:

bash# pwd
bash# pkg_add nslint-2.0a4.tgz
tar: Could not create file bin/nslint : Is it a directory
missing: ./share/nls/sl_SI.ISO_8859-2 (created)

Well, that doesn’t make *any* sense to me.  Ahh well.

Out of desperation, I type nslint.  I get: bash: nslint: is a directory.  Hmmm.  Where is that directory?  I ask on Undernet #freebsd.  Well, I asked, but I found it anyways.  It was in /usr/local/bin.   I delete that directory and try the package install again.  Now I get:

pkg_add: package 'nslint-2.0a4' already recorded as installed

Bummer.  How do unrecord that install?  Ahhh, I’ll check the pkg_add man pages.  There I found the following bit of information:

10. After installation is complete, a copy of the packing list,
deinstall script, description, and display files are copied into
/var/db/pkg/_pkg-name_ for subsequent possible use by pkg_delete(1).
Any package dependencies are recorded in the other packages’
/var/db/pkg/_other-pkg_/+REQUIRED_BY file (if the environment vari