Sharity-Light – connecting Microsoft to FreeBSD

Sharity-Light – connecting Microsoft to FreeBSD

The main page for Sharity-Light is

might also want to see the NFS article.

NOTE: If you want to access FreeBSD file systems from your Microsoft
box, you want Samba.

3 November

Today I wanted to try accessing my NT box from my FreeBSD box.  So I installed
the Sharity-Light port.

Installing Sharity-Light

If you need to know how to install a port, here is a section from the FreeBSD Handbook.

Here’s what I did. 
Note that I had CD#3 from FreeBSD 2.2.7 in my CD drive.

  • mount /cdrom
  • cd /usr/ports/net/sharity-light
  • make install
  • umount /cdrom

The Sharity-Light files are installed in /usr/local/sbin.

Sharing an MS File system

This section deals with sharing an MS file system.  I’ve done this from within
Windows NT.  But the process for Windows 95/98 should be similar.  In this
example, I’ll be sharing c:\temp and allowing only the user Barny to
access it.  The following steps are performed on the MS system.

  1. start Windows NT explorer
  2. right click on c:\temp
  3. click on Sharing
  4. click on Shared As
  5. click on Permissions
  6. click on Remove to remove Everyone’s access
  7. click on Add
  8. click on Show Users
  9. click on the user you wish to add (in my example, I clicked on Barny)
  10. click on Add
  11. select the Type of Access you wish to provide.  I choose Read.
  12. click on OK
  13. click on OK
  14. click on OK

This should now allow the directory to be shared.  The next section describes how
to access this share from FreeBSD.

Accessing an MS file system

In the previous section, we published, or created, a share.  In this section, we
will access that share from our FreeBSD box.  The NT box from which we issued that
share is named NT1.  So we will mount that share under /nt1.

mkdir /nt1
cd /usr/local/sbin
./shlight //NT1/TEMP /nt1 -U barny -P password


is the mount point we are going to use
is the share issued on the NT1 box.
-U Barny
specified the user id
-P password
specified the password

Accessing an MS file system

To unmount the file system, issue the following command:

./unshlight /nt1


The best online documentation I’ve found is the following:


You will find that dates and times are not correct on the files from NT4 file systems.
  For more information, please refer to the documentation mentioned in the previous

4 thoughts on “Sharity-Light – connecting Microsoft to FreeBSD”

  1. A few things to mention that I had to do in order for this to work.

    1. You must be able to ping the netbois name of the MS server, in this example NT1. If you can not ping NT1, then add it to your /etc/hosts file.

    2. When using the -P password, I found that if the password contained the @ symbol, shlight would not work.

    Also, dont forget if you want this share to be mounted at boot up, add the command to script at startup.

    1. and to add, make sure you add the computer you are trying to access into your /etc/hosts file… for example, if i wanted to add my windows box named "bone" I added the following line to the /etc/hosts file: bone

      where is the ip of that windows machine can be your network hostname

      and ‘bone’ is the windows computer name

  2. i was playing around with samba 2.2.8a on FreeBSD 5.2.1 tonight, and had everything working (smbclient -L hostname showed my server), but i was having trouble mounting the drive. was giving me errors saying the -o option was not supported when using "mount -t smbd -o username=user,password=pass //HP/share /mnt/share

    I found your post about Sharity-light, installed it and it worked like a champ the first time around. i added the command to my startup script. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this info!

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