ndc – how to see lots of DNS information

ndc – how to see lots of DNS information

When I was adding some new virtual domains, I had some
trouble figuring out why only I could see the websites.  One of the tools I used to
solve this problem was ndc.

I issued two commands:

su-2.02# ndc dumpdb
Dumping Database
su-2.02# ndc stats
Dumping Statistics

I found the output in /var/tmp.  The files created were named.stats
and named_dump.db.

The information I was trying to obtain was the name server for the CX domain.  I
found this in the /var/tmp/named_dump.db file.  Here’s what I was looking

CX 20179 IN NS  NS0.PLANET-THREE.COM. ;Cr=addtnl []
   20179 IN NS  NS1.PLANET-THREE.COM. ;Cr=addtnl []
   20179 IN NS  NS2.PLANET-THREE.COM. ;Cr=addtnl []
   20179 IN NS  NS0.FLIRBLE.ORG.      ;Cr=addtnl []
   20179 IN NS  NS.GBNET.NET.         ;Cr=addtnl []

The above lists the name servers for the CX domain.  These are the servers which
are your first line of reference when a .cx domain is being resolved.  In my case, I
was looking for freebsddiary.cx.  Here’s how I resolved that name using the above

su-2.02# nslookup
Default Server: localhost

Default Server: NS0.PLANET-THREE.COM

> freebsddiary.cx

*** NS0.PLANET-THREE.COM can't find freebsddiary.cx: Non-existent host/domain

This tells me that the name server knows nothing about my domain.  Which probably
means the DNS servers haven’t been updated yet.  I’ve only just registered the
domains.  And .cx updates the servers twice daily.

You might want to see http://www.niccx.cx/faqs.html.

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