Jan 211999

Why the ads?

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve put ads in the Diary in an attempt to recoup some of the costs associated with running this website.  The FreeBSD Diary is hosted by a commercial web hosting site.  I don’t trust myself to provide the service required to operate a website, nor do I trust my ADSL connection to be 100% reliable.

I don’t plan to get rich from the ads.  Rather, I wish to break even.

Please add your comments about the ads.  Do you object to them in principle?  Do you think it goes against the spirit of The FreeBSD Diary?   All views sent will be held in confidence.


  4 Responses to “Why the ads?”

  1. Break even! Take yourself out to dinner and leave your laptop at home a couple of times, on us (sorta). Thanks for all the hard work. =)

  2. As the ads are now, I think they are very reasonable. With all the excellent content and hard work you’ve done you deserve to ‘at least’ break even.

    • The ads along the right hand side are the newest. They seem to fit in well. The best judge of that is the complete lack of feedback when they were introduced. Nobody said anything. Which means they are acceptable for most people.

      For what it’s worth, pop-up ads pay the most, but I don’t accept them. They annoy me too much… 😉

    • These ads are fine. Just please please please for the love of Beastie dont ever go popups