Feb 061999

Forwarding mail in one mailbox to another

This article will tell you how to move the mail in one user’s mailbox to another user’s mailbox.  The mailboxes are assumed to be on the same machine.  This procedure will only work once.  It is not an automatic procedure.

If you want mail to be forwarded all the time, or to another mailbox on another mail system, this isn’t what you want.

The situation

I had mail sitting in the root mailbox.  That’s no good to me there.  I wanted it in my personal mailbox so I could read it from my NT box.  The mail had wound up there after I’d messed up my /etc/aliases file.  Now that I’ve fixed that problem, I still have three messages sitting in root.

The solution

# cd /var/mail
[root@ns:/var/mail] # cat root >> otherid

Where otherid is the id of the you want to send the data to.


My thanks to billg for sending me this solution.  Cheers.