Join the FreeBSD Diary mailing list

Join the FreeBSD Diary mailing list

If you’ve been following the Diary lately, you’ll see that I just installed majordomo.  I actually installed it to create a
mailing list for an IRC channel in which I’m an op.  We needed a way for the ops to
communicate, given that they aren’t often online at the same time.  So I volunteered
to create a mailing list.  About half-way through that project, I figured a FreeBSD
Diary mailing list might be a good idea.

What is the list for?

If you subscribe to the list, you will receive email whenever a new article is added
to the Diary.  I will also send out a message if I correct a mistake or clarify
something which wasn’t clear.  Most such changes are not notifed anywhere else.

list is moderated.  You cannot post messages to the list.  The list will never
be given to a third party and we will use the list only for FreeBSD Diary related tasks.

How do I subscribe?

To subscribe to this low volume list, vist the list home page
and follow the instructions you find there.

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