Upgrading to sendmail 8.9.3

Upgrading to sendmail 8.9.3

This article describes how I upgraded from sendmail 8.9.2 to sendmail
8.9.3.  The process is like to be much more complicated if you have a much earlier
version of sendmail.  The main reason for upgrading was it fixed a a headers
Denial of Service attack as well as other minor problems.  See http://www.sendmail.org/ for more information.

The build

Here’s what I did:

[root@ns:/usr/ports/mail] # fetch -p 
Receiving sendmail.8.9.3.tar.gz (1068290 bytes): 100%
1068290 bytes transfered in 57.1 seconds  (18.28 Kbytes/s)
[root@ns:/usr/ports/mail] # tar xvfz sendmail.8.9.3.tar.gz
[root@ns:/usr/ports/mail] # cd sendmail-8.9.3
[root@ns:/usr/ports/mail/sendmail-8.9.3] # cd src
[root@ns:/usr/ports/mail/sendmail-8.9.3/src] # ./Build
[root@ns:/usr/ports/mail/sendmail-8.9.3/src] # ./Build install


The next step is to re-create your sendmail.cf file.  For more detail,
please see the original article on upgrading sendmail.
  In the following commands, I will copy the original hendrix.mc file to
it’s new location and compile it to create a new sendmail.cf.

# cd/usr/ports/mail/sendmail-8.9.3/cf/cf
# cp ../../../sendmail-8.9.2/cf/cf/hendrix.mc  .
# m4 ../m4/cf.m4 hendrix.mc > hendrix.cf
# cp /etc/sendmail.cf /etc/sendmail.892
# cp hendrix.cf /etc/sendmail.cf

Now restart sendmail:

# killall -hup sendmail

Check the logs in case something went wrong.  
The actual file name may vary and may will be /var/log/messages.

# tail /var/log/maillog

Now you should send a message to yourself and
examine the mailing list headers for that message.  Somewhere, it should have this in
the headers:


If you see that, then congratulations, you have the
latest and greatest version of sendmail!

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