changing your default editor

changing your default editor

When I was upgrading to 3.1, I was told about mergemaster, which helps you reconcile/merge your old
/etc with the new /etc.  However, with my upgrade came the vi
editor, and not the ee which I knew and loved.  Here’s how I changed it so
that mergemaster used ee.

This setting will also affect the vipw
and chsh commands, which is a Good Thing (TM).

Please note that I’m using the bash shell.  And I’ve been told this will work for
all Bourne derived shells (e.g. sh, bash, ksh).

# export EDITOR=/usr/bin/ee
# echo $EDITOR

For csh derived shells, I’m told that you use this command:

# setenv EDITOR /usr/bin/ee

You may also want to know about changing your shell.

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  1. Just to add,

    To set your favourite editor as the default for every login, you might want to do the following:

    1) Go to the user’s homedir (eg. /home/keith)
    2) Edit the shell dotfile (.bash_login for bash, .cshrc for csh) to have the following values, usually:

    export EDITOR=pico (for bash) or
    setenv EDITOR pico (for csh)

    note that you might want to specify the fullpath, eg
    export EDITOR=/usr/local/bin/pico

    3) Save the file and relogin.
    4) Test by typing "crontab -e", Voila! It should bring up your favourite editor.

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