Mar 191999

Command not found

This article deals with what to do when you get the above error message but you can see the command and you know it works


I had just finished Installing the lynx port from the Internet and was trying to run lynx.  But I encountered the following problems:
kennett# lynx
lynx: Command not found.
kennett# which lynx
lynx: Command not found.

But lynx was at /usr/local/bin and had the correct file permission:

-r-xr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  823640 Mar 15 21:39 lynx

The fix

I was able to run it by issuing the following command:
kennett# /usr/local/bin/lynx

I initially thought that /usr/local/bin was not in my path.  But it was as evidenced by the following:

kennett# echo $PATH   

I was running as root, so I issused the following command:

source ~root/.login

After that, I was able to run lynx by just typing lynx


I’ve since been told that doing a rehash would solve the above problem.   See man csh for details.

  2 Responses to “Command not found”

  1. Would the ‘rehash’ command have done the trick (if you were using a ‘csh’-flavoured shell)?