Command not found

Command not found

This article deals with what to do when you get the above error message but you can
see the command and you know it works


I had just finished Installing the lynx port from the
and was trying to run lynx.  But I encountered the following

kennett# lynx
lynx: Command not found.
kennett# which lynx
lynx: Command not found.

But lynx was at /usr/local/bin and had the correct file permission:

-r-xr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  823640 Mar 15 21:39 lynx

The fix

I was able to run it by issuing the following command:

kennett# /usr/local/bin/lynx

I initially thought that /usr/local/bin was not in my path.  But it was
as evidenced by the following:

kennett# echo $PATH   

I was running as root, so I issused the following command:

source ~root/.login

After that, I was able to run lynx by just typing lynx


I’ve since been told that doing a rehash would solve the above problem.
  See man csh for details.

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