Installing the Lynx port from the Internet

Installing the Lynx port from the Internet

After I installed FreeBSD 3.1 on my friend’s Windows 95 machine,
I wanted to add a browser.  This is how I did it.

Making the port

I’ve already set up my CD-ROM for quick mounting, added
the Shortcut for compiling from CD-ROM, and the added the entire ports tree, so it makes it fairly easy to compile from the
CD-ROM.  But that’s no use to me as I can’t get the stuff off the CD-ROM at the
moment.  So it’s off to the Internet I go.

I’ll be using the Compiling ports from
the Internet
section of the FreeBSD
.  I followed the directions exactly, but I added one minor change.
  I’m behind a firewall, so before I did the get, I entered passive mode
by typing passive.  Here’s the details of what I did:

kennett# cd /usr/ports
kennett# cd www
kennett# ftp
ftp> passive
ftp> get lynx.tar
local: lynx.tar remote: lynx.tar
227 Entering Passive Mode (209,155,82,18,112,245)
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for 'lynx.tar'.
226 Transfer complete.
11264 bytes received in 4.36 seconds (2.52 KB/s)
ftp> quit
kennett# tar xf lynx.tar
kennett# cd lynx
kennett# make
kennett# make install

I did have some problems along the way.  Namely fetch:
illegal option — A
and Could not find
but I eventually solved both of those problems.

I also had a problem getting lynx to run the first time:

kennett# lynx
lynx: Command not found.
kennett# which lynx
lynx: Command not found.

But lynx was at /usr/local/bin and had the correct file permission:

-r-xr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  823640 Mar 15 21:39 lynx

I was able to run it by issuing the following command:

kennett# /usr/local/bin/lynx

Which  means /usr/local/bin was not in my path.  But it actually
was.  Here’s how I fixed that.

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