Jul 181999

Things everyone should read

This article talks about the most important FreeBSD documents you can read.

What’s this?

Everyone should be at least vaguely familiar with these documents.  They form the foundation for everything that FreeBSD is.

These links point to 6.1-RELEASE.  There may be a more recent release.  Check the following URL for the latest -RELEASE:


You should read man hier.

If the links below fail, please add your comments.  In the meantime, you can use the above URL to find the documents listed below.

ERRATA.TXT Problems which have already been found and fixed.  Look here for stumbling blocks. HARDWARE.TXT Default configuration details, UserConfig, LINT, and supported hardware. INSTALL.TXT How to install FreeBSD. floppies/README.TXT How to make install floppies for FreeBSD. README.TXT The roadmap for FreeBSD. RELNOTES.TXT Details of what’s new in this release.

  2 Responses to “Things everyone should read”

  1. only the links for the releases and for ‘man hier’ operate. all of the links fot the ‘.txt’ files fail.