The Diary takes a holiday

The Diary takes a holiday

Actually, it’s me that’s taking the holiday.  This is just an advance notice.
  And a prompt for some assistance.

The holiday

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m in to mountain biking.  In September I’m
meeting up with a group of guys from all over the USA.  I know some of them from my
days on the CompuServe cycling forums.  And I had the good fortune to meet some of
them in 1995 when I did a three month trip to North America.  They group has had a
yearly pilgrimage to Utah to do some cycling.  For the most part, they’ve hit Moab.
  But this year they’re going to North Rim, which should be great.  This will
also be my first year there.  I’ve planned to attend in previous years, but I’ve been
unable.  Until this year.

During the same trip, I did some cycling around Capital
Forest and Mt. St. Helens when I was based in Chehalis, Washington for a few days.  I
hope to meet up with those guys too.

The FreeBSD Convention

I’m writing a paper for FreeBSDCon.  But
I have only 6 weeks in which to write it.  I head overseas in early September for the
cycling part of my holiday.  The convention comes at the end of my trip.  If
you’re going to be at the convention, be sure to take in the Advocacy series of papers.
  I’ll be there.

Looking for places to ride

I’m taking my bike to the convention.  And in between the North Rim trip and the
convention I’ll be driving through California, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and Idaho, and I
might make it up to Montana, Washington, and Oregon.  If you’re in those areas, and
know of any decent places to ride, please let me know.

What this means for The FreeBSD Diary

This holiday means that from now until early October, the article count will be down
considerably.  But that doesn’t mean they will stop.  Just don’t expect the
worst if nothing appears for a week or too.  In addition, I hope to post a couple of
updates during my trip.

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    1. Sorry about that.

      But withdraw your indignation. When I created that hink back in 1999, it wasn’t. The domain expired, someone else picked it up, and there you go. I certainly didn’t create a link to a porn site.

      Thanks for the heads up. But I had already received email about the bad link about 20 minutes before you posted this. And the change was actually made about 11 hours before I posted this message.

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