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Books and Magazines

This article talks about the books I use [it used to also include magazines until the website I once linked to stopped providing magazines]. Over the past few months, I’ve been getting more and more requests about what magazines do I read and what books do I use.  So I’ve divided up the resources into print and Web Resources.

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These are the books I own and recommend to others.  And yes, I do get a commission if you buy these books from there. So if you plan to buy books from Amazon, please support The FreeBSD Diary and buy through these links.

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The Debian System My first Linux book. Linux? Yes, I now also use Linux. Someone from the local LUG was setting up a virtual server and the price was right. This book helped me understand the Debian package system. I reference this book frequently.

Added: 5 April 2006
Buy it now! Absolute OpenBSD This was my first introduction to OpenBSD. I like their packet filter PF (also available on FreeBSD). The traffic shaping and queuing facilities are amazing.

This book is typical Lucas: easy to read, clear instructions, and you’ll learn things you didn’t know.

Added: 2 September 2003
Buy it now! PostgreSQL I think it’s a great book for anyone starting in on PostgreSQL, whether they are coming from something else (e.g. MySQL, Oracle) or absolutely new to RDMS. If you buy just one PostgreSQL book, buy this one.

Added: 25 June 2003
Buy it now! PostgreSQL Essential Reference I learned quite a bit from what the author had to say.

Added: 25 June 2003
Buy it now! FreeBSD: The Complete Reference A very enjoyable book to read. I’d recommend it definitely.

Added: 25 June 2003
Buy it now! Absolute BSD: The Ultimate Guide to FreeBSD This is a good book. I enjoyed reading it. It contains many valuable pointers. See also my review on Freshmeat, but remember to come back here and use the links here and support The FreeBSD Diary. Buy it now! The Complete FreeBSD This book is valuable. Get it before you install FreeBSD. It will save you heaps of trouble. I wish I had it when I started my first install. It is worth the money. And I like the paper on which it is printed. Buy it now! The FreeBSD Handbook This is the printed book as taken from the online manual. And yes, I do refer to it from time to time. Sometimes it’s just better to sit on the couch in the sun, and read the book rather than staring at the screen. Buy it now! The FreeBSD Corporate Networker’s Guide I’ve only just received this book and started to read it. om what I’ve already read, this sounds like a great book. Buy it now! TCP/IP Network Administration If you’d like to learn more about TCP/IP networks and how they work, I recommand this book. It will provide you with good basic information about TCP/IP, servers, routing, DNS, sendmail, and security. This book is also known as The Crab Book because of the cover picture. Buy it now! DNS & BIND This is *the* book about DNS. If you run a DNS server, you should have this book. It covers both BIND 4 and BIND 8. Buy it now! Programming Perl (2nd Edition) When I was developing FreshPorts, this is the book I used most often. Buy it now! Sendmail This book covers sendmail Version 8.8 from Berkeley and the standard versions available on most systems. Buy it now! Unix System Administration Handbook This book covers every aspect of system administration from basic topics to UNIX. Buy it now! Building Internet Firewalls This book covers security risks associated with the Internet and discusses strategies on how to deal with them. A good place to start if you are learning about firewalls. Buy it now! The Design and Implementation of the 4.4 BSD Operating System This book describes the design and implementation of the BSD operating system. This book is a good reference is you are doing any sort of coding under FreeBSD. Buy it now!