Aug 061999

Installing cvsupd

cvsupd is the cvsup daemon.  cvsup is a system for upgrading and maintaining source trees.  This article shows how I installed cvsupd.   The original article is at Setting up a FreeBSD mirror site but I suggest you ignore that part.  Actually, I’m not sure why/how cvsupd stopped working.  I suspect user error.  So perhaps that original article will work.  I don’t know.

the install

Well, seeing as I had all the port skeletons installed, I just had to do the following:
cd /usr/ports/net/cvsupd-bin
make install

Running it

As shown in the original article, Setting up a FreeBSD mirror site, to start cvsupd, issue the following command:

To verify that cvsupd is running:

# ps -auwx | grep cvsup
cvsup 301 0.0 3.5 1436 476 ?? Ss 9:15AM 0:00.17 /usr/local/sbin/cvsupd
                                      -e -C 8 -l @daemon -s sup.client
root 308 0.0 3.3 1560 440 p3 R+ 9:15AM 0:00.03 grep cvsup (bash)