Installing Apache with FrontPage/SSL

Installing Apache with FrontPage/SSL

This article shows how I finally managed to get Apache installed with FrontPage/SSL.

WARNING: I suspect the tarball referenced by this article is very out of date. I make no promises it will work.
You may well be wasting your time.


An Overview of the FrontPage Server Extensions

Installing the FrontPage Server Extensions
Of note are the UNIX Setup Preview and Using the Installation Script.
  Read them before you install)

Administration of the Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions
(practical examples of how to use pfsrvadm)

First attempts

My first attempts were with the apache13-fp port.  I had no luck with that.
  There were problems with the install of apache itself and eventually publishing
with Front Page caused problems.  Eventually, at the suggestion of someone else, I
gave up and tried a more recent version which is not yet in the ports.  However, I
now suspect I may know what the problems were with my apache-fp install.  It’s great
knowing such stuff after the fact.


I was given a port tarball from someone I know on IRC.  I’ve supplied a copy of
this file for you:


You should fetch this file, untar it, and then make the port:

cd /usr/ports/www
fetch http:/path/to/apache13-fp-modssl.tar.gz
tar xvfz apache13-fp-modssl.tar.gz
cd apache13-fp-modssl
make install

If you are having trouble with the install phase, here are the options I used to install my apache.

Of more importance is Installing a new virtual web with FP2000

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