Dec 271999

IP Filter 3.3.5 – a patch for ipmon

IP Filter 3.3.5 was released a few weeks ago.  For information on installing this version, see Installing IP Filter 3.3.4 and adjust the version names as appropriate.

The main webpage for IP Filter is   And one of the best how-to guides for IP Filter is at

A patch

This version needs a patch to avoid the following error:
# ipmon -sDaF
76 bytes flushed from log buffer
SIOCIPFFB: Invalid argument
SIOCIPFFB: Invalid argument

The patch was announced by Darren Reed.  See for details.  Because it’s sometimes difficult to extract a patch from a mail archive, I’ve supplied the patch here:

[sorry that file is no longer available]

Apply the patch and then follow the normal installation procedures (perhaps Installing IP Filter 3.3.4