The new websites – what’s going on?

The new websites – what’s going on?

Well folks, it’s taken a lot of hours but it’s finally here.  In a
marathon session over two days, involving large amounts of coke and small amounts of
sleep, I’ve converted, checked, and rechecked every page in the website.  There has
got to be a better way.  [grin].

In case you haven’t noticed, the website has
undergone a slight change.  Those of you who have already had their coffee have
probably noticed the that the new look is similar to Daily Daemon News.   Well, that’s
no accident.  I like their layout, the color, and the home page.  So I did what
every self-respecting http hacker would do.  So I stole their idea.  Blatently.
No shame.  No guilt.  And I’m glad I did it.  Mind you, I did seek Daemon
News approval first.  And they have given me their blessing..

You will also notice that the Diary is now on it’s own site (no more /freebsd/).  
It’s almost become an FAQ.  Why don’t you create a virtual host and split that sucker
off?  Well, I would it if was my box.  But it isn’t.  The Diary has always
been run on a commercial box at a web farm.  When I started the Diary, it was small
and tucked away on a subdirectory of my main site DVL Software (  And as the
Diary grew, the website began to pay for the site.  Yes, those ads, which some of you
hate so much, have allowed me to dedicate a separate webserver to the Diary.  There
is no way I could afford to do that without the support of our sponsors.  Of note is who have supported the Diary for some
months now.  Thank you.

And by the way.  For those of you that think I’m getting rich on this site, I
suggest you try different drugs.  The site has grown tremendously since it started
almost two years ago.  I would not want to run it from home.  I feel that you’ll
get much better service from my web host  than from my home box.

Where is all the old stuff?

Everything is still here.  Nothing has been deleted.  But things
have been moved around and/or renamed.

The following table should help you find every

DVL Software (PowerBuilder Tips)

The Racing System (race timing software)

What’s next?

I’m planning to add a couple of new sections to the web site.  I’d
like to automate the user responses section so you can
provide direct feedback regarding the site.  Also on the front burner is a discussion
forum for people to help others.  I’ll be using MySQL and PHP3 to do all this, so it
should be fairly easy.

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