Not much new here. What’s going on?

Not much new here. What’s going on?

About three weeks ago, I mentioned that website
changes were coming soon
.  Today, some of these changes were started.  But
there is more to come.  I’m waiting for some technical things to be worked out with
my web hoster.  I hope things will be sorted out by the of next week.

The changes so far

In the past, you were able to access the FreeBSD Diary through more than
one domain.   That has stopped.  Previously, this website was shared by the
following domains:

Each of these domains now has it’s own website.  You will eventually only be able
to access the FreeBSD Diary via  You can still access the FreeBSD
Diary via, but that will change when the new site is launched (see the
next section of this article for more information).

The changes yet to come

And there is another change coming.  Soon everything in the /freebsd/
directory will be moved to the root directory, and the .htm pages will become .html
pages.  So the new URLs will be similar to the old URLs, but slightly changed. 
For example, this page is now:

But once the new look website is launched, it will be:

I ask for your patience during the transition process.  There may be some
disruption to service but I’ll try to minimize that.  The goal is a leaner, meaner,
better looking website.

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