Jan 272000

Sound Blaster Vibra16

Chris Silva bitsurfr@enteract.com wrote in with the following article on installing and configuring a Sound Blaster Vibra16 configured for 3.4.

The configuration

This was a bit of a trick for me – mainly, this is a PnP card and it came out of my NT boxen when I nabbed the SB PCI128… So – being that I *already* configed it with the IRQ of 10, the normal settings people tell you to use were, in my case, null and void.

I refered to an email I got back when I posed the question under 3.1 (Peter Radcliffe – pir@pir.net), the crux of the biscuit are the same, except I had to fiddle with the IRQ etc. So – here are the lines I added to my kernel:

controller pnp0
device pcm0 at isa? port ? tty irq 10 drq 1 flags 0x0

Then I added a line to my /boot/kernel.conf like this:

pnp 1 0 os enable irq0 10 port0 0x220 drq0 1 drq1 3

NOTE: The /boot/kernel.conf may or may not exist on your system so you may have to create it.  That’s really all I did, and I’m now a happy MP3 listener!!!

That’s it…

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  1. hi,
    please iwant your help ididnt have the driver for my sound card
    sound blaster vibra16,
    may you help me