Mar 012000

Site shutdown

Actually, no, I’m not shutting down the site.  I chose that title because that’s what this article is about.  Over the past few months, I’ve encountered a few people who are mirroring this site.  I asked them to remove the mirror and thankfully they did so.

I have two problems with mirrors:

  1. It is a copyright infringement.  I will always enforce my copyright.
  2. If you mirror my site, it reduces my traffic.  If my traffic drops, the revenue generated from the ads drop.  I can only run the site if it pays for itself.  If it doesn’t, I must and will shut it down.

I know all of this sounds quite heavy handed and a bit dictator-like, but I’m not asking for much.  Just a little respect for my rights.  Most people do not steal the work of others but, as with all things, the actions of a few affect the many.

For those that are wondering about the ads, you could read my original article about the ads.

This isn’t too much to ask.  Please respect this request.