Mar 082000

FreeBSD Diary news feeds

This article tells you about the FreeBSD news feed.  If you want to know how to set up a new server, you want this article instead.   This article isn’t about news servers.  It’s about short blurbs you see on web pages which give a brief outline of recent additions to frequently updated websites.   You’ve probably seen these news feeds on websites such as FreshMeat, SlashDot, and Daily Daemon News.

How you can get the Diary news feed

You can obtain the FreeBSD Diary news feed in several ways.  Choose your favourite method.$1754 Slash Dot   <== preview <== include us on your home page

You can also take a direct xml feed from news.php.   But if you browse there, you probably won’t see anything, so view the document source once you get there.

Other news feeds

If you know of other news feeds which are not listed above, I will gladly add them to the list. Or, you could add them to the comments using the link at the top of the page.