How to get the most out of the forum

How to get the most out of the forum

Now that the forum has been running for a while, I thought I should add
some notes to help you get the maximum benefit from the forum. You should also read the
original announcement for details.

My tips

  • Only 20 messages are displayed at a time. You can see other message by using the
    "Newer Messages" and "Older Messages" links at the bottom right of the
  • You can collapse the threads so you see only the first message in each thread. Click on
    the "Collapse Threads" links at the top and bottom of the message list.
  • When posting a message, take care with the topic. A topic which outlines the problem in
    a few words will get much better response than one that just says "help!".

Please read Greg Lehey’s tips on messages at  
It is written with the FreeBSD questions mailing list in mind but the concepts and
strategies translate very well to other venues.

If you have any other suggestions, please leave your comments.

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