The Polls – oh no! how slashdottish….

The Polls – oh no! how slashdottish….

Yes, I’ve gone and done it.  I couldn’t resist the temptation of
adding a polling system to the Diary.  Look over on the main page and you’ll see it
there.  It’s quite cute actually.  The plan is to give you some diversions from
time to time with silly idiotic surveys.

If anyone want to suggest a survey, just add your comments.

p.s. The polling software I’m using is available from  
One day I will document the installation.  It’s pretty straight forward but I’m glad
I’ve done a bit of php3 as there are a couple of little gotchas.  I’ve also seen a
couple of areas for improvment in the SQL used by the product and hope I can submit some
code which improves it.  Watch this space.

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