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ppp [for Linux users] by a Linux user

This article was written by Liz, who seems to have made the transition from Linux to FreeBSD with a minimum of strife.  It was probably harder for her to write this article than it was for her to install FreeBSD the first time.  She *hates* writing documentation.

Liz writes

PPP is fairly easy to get going in BSD … I found it a lot easier than Linux.  If you care to edit /etc/ppp/ppp.conf, this is what is in it (or similar… ):
default:  #you can put your isp in here so when 
          #you dial you know what your dialing
set device /dev/cuaa1
 set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP CCP tun command
 set speed 115200
# the next two lines should actually be just one line.  I split
# it so it looks better on small screens.
                            ATE1Q0 OK \\dATDT\\T TIMEOUT 40 CONNECT"
 set timeout 120
 set ifaddr <you may want to read up about what goes here but i think you can probably get away with 0 0>
 add default HISADDR
 enable dns
 set phone <isps ph number>
 set authname <your login name for isp>
 set authkey <your passwd for isp>
 set redial 2 100 # this is optional read the man pages for 
                  # the format .. i prefer my computer to redial<

Most of this is pretty basic to understand.  You can type 'ppp' to bring up the ppp terminal which is somewhat like minicom.  From there, type 'dial isp', isp being whatever you named it in the ppp.conf.  To have ppp go into the background, try using `ppp -auto isp '.  This will dial up your isp whenever it sees traffic going through .. ie ping something and it dials up for you etc.  The man pages are fairly straight forward and has a tutorial that is easy to understand.

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