May 222000

Upgrading Phorum from 3.0.x to 3.1

This article is based on a message originally posted to the Developers list by Stephen VanDyke and then posted to the general phorum list by Brian Moon.

The home page for phorum is

The phorum mailing list archive is at

If you feel anything is missing or incorrect, please add your comments.

Step by step

  1. STOP Phorum (we don’t want people posting and potentially screwing up the upgrade do we?)
  2. edit common.php and apply the same settings you now have, specifically: $inf_path $admindir (if different, otherwise leave as-is)
  3. Run this little SQL Statement to update your current ‘forums’ structure, it looks safe to leave the field empty ALTER TABLE forums ADD config_suffix char(50) DEFAULT ” NOT NULL AFTER description;
  4. copy your updates over (make sure you don’t overwrite your /forums folder and header.php footer.php
  5. rebuild your inf file (I’m not sure if it’s necessary, but I like doing it)
  6. RESTART Phorum
  7. (optional) put pinky finger to mouth and charge client 1 MILLION DOLLARS for installation, mwuhahaha

If anything breaks (might happen, who knows) don’t sue me 🙂 This is just a quick tutorial on what I did to upgrade from 3.1RC3 to 3.1 Final, it took me all of 3min (without a guide) so it should be fairly easy… If anyone catches something that I may have left off, please let me know, it seemed a bit too easy, hehe. Up and running quite nicely: