BSDCon : booked your tickets yet?

BSDCon : booked your tickets yet?

The BSD event of the year has to be BSDCon 2000. 
Last year we had FreeBSDCon which,
by all accounts, was a roaring success.  This year, the BSDs have gotten together to
have a single unified conference.  This has got to be good for you.

I’ve just been
over looking at the schedule and I’ve
highlighted the talks I really want to see:

  • Keith Bostic – this keynote speech by one of the co-authors of "The Design and
    Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operating System
    " is something I won’t miss.  
    I’ll be taking along my copy of the book.  I have two autographs in it and I’ll try
    to add a third.
  • Bill Fumerola and Richard Steenbergen will be talking about DoS attacks.
  • Nik Clayton will talk about FreeBSD in a small business environment.  
    Unfortunately, this is at the same time as the DoS attack, so I’m in a bind as to which to
  • Guido van Rooij will talk about my favourite packet filter, IP Filter.
  • Paul Evans from British Telecom will talk about embedded FreeBSD.
  • Dan Langille (that’s me) will talk about his amazing, fabulous, innovative, and
    bleeding-edge website FreshPorts.  Actually, I
    don’t have much choice about this one.  I have to be there I’m told.
  • Brett Glass will talk about stopping spam and trojan horses.
  • Jordan Hubbard will give a FreeBSD state-of-the-union talk.
  • David Moffett will talk about clustering with FreeBSD.
  • Pete McKenna/Chris Uy from Qwest will talk about FreeBSD at a Large ISP

Now, that’s not all the talks, but that’s just the ones I really want to see.  
There are others I will be attending.  And it will be a busy 3 three days.  
It’s a good opportunity to meet the people I’ve been working with over te past 12 months,
some of which I’ve never met before.  And I’ll also catch up with people I met at
FreeBSDCon 1999.

But here’s a tip: if you do want to go, act quickly, before they sell out.  If
it’s anything like last year, they sold out very quickly as the Con approached.  
Nothing like leaving it until the last minute!  Better be in quick.

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