The cats – part 2

The cats – part 2 (added on 24 September 2000)

These pics were taken a couple of months ago with my neighbour’s digital
camera.  They’ve been sitting on his PC since then and I’ve only just retrieved them
for here.

set This is the last picture I took of Set.  He disappeared
a few weeks later.  He could be asleep under the house or living at another home.
  I have no idea.  Abysinnians frequently just disappear.
bast1 This is Bast, in the garden, staring at something.  
It’s a good shot of her eyes.
bast2 If you’ve never seen an Aby, this shot gives you a good idea
of how sleek and long they are.  This is her on the carpet in the computer room.

Cat fight (added on 2 October 2000)

Here’s a cat fight movie.  Believe me, no cats are
hurt here.  It’s very very cute.  And yes, those are not my cats.  The
movie was sent to me by Linda Johnston (thanks).

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