Sep 302000

hardware donations please

I’m asking for donations please.  RAM, disks, SCSI cards, motherboards, whole boxes, etc.


Because I can’t afford to buy them.

As you know, I do get some money from the ads on this site.  That revenue goes to pay for this website which runs on a commercial webfarm ( in Chicago.  Well, the servers are there.  WebFarm is actually in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

But FreshPorts is run from home.  And I need another box because I don’t want to continue to develop FreshPorts on the production webserver.  I’m having pretty good results with the existing P100 (which I previously claimed was a P120), but I’m not comfortable mixing production and development like that.  My existing hardware has been donated by various New Zealand sources, but now I’m asking for something from the major audience (which is in the USA).

So if you have some equipment which you’d like to donate, please email me at donate at and let me know what you have.  Ideally, you’ll be able to bring this donation to BSDCon.   But if not, I can arrange shipping.  Cheers.

Update (added on 28 September 2000)

Someone has offered a  PII 266 CPU (only, i.e. no motherboard).   So if you have a motherboard for that CPU…

More updates (added on 30 September 2000)

Most of you will know that I live in New Zealand.  That means getting the donations to me will be the biggest problem.  As I will be at BSDCon, I’ll being back whatever I can carry.  Even if it means shipping my clothes home later…

Here is what I’ve been offered and for which I need other hardware in order to use that donation.  I am not listing all the donations which have been offered as those components are functional by themselves.  I will be creating a "significant contributors" page where I will gratefully acknowledge those who have helped.

  • two XEON 500 mhz processors (I need a box into which to put these; I already have disks etc to go with it).

If you can supply something to go with the above in order to make a functional box, please email me at donate at

Actually, the best price I’ve found is the S2DGE.  And the best prices I’ve found is at BuyItOnline.  If anyone knows more, please comment in the forum.  Also, if anyone wants to donate that motherboard and/or a case for it, please let me know.

Thanks folks.  This is great!