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Daniel Bretoi wrote this article using the Diary template.  Thanks.

There are many good articles on how to get your DSL set up with PPPoE.

Since writing this article, the FreeBSD Handbook covers this topic rather well so perhaps you should read that first.

These links appear to work for most people. However, I would never get logged on properly, and was continually plagued by a Attempting to Redial message by the pppd.

The solution was simple. In addition to using the Sympatico solution, I added

ifconfig_rl0="inet mtu 1492"

to the /etc/rc.conf file solved everything. (where rl0 was my NIC)

You may or may not experience a message from the kernel saying:

module_register: module netgraph already exists!
linker_file_sysinit "netgraph.ko" failed to register! 17

but everything should work without a problem anyway.

Adding netgraph (added on 31 December 2000)

Way back on 15 October, Alexander Fleming wrote in with this:

The above netgraph message can be eliminated by adding the following to your kernel file, eliminating the need to load the netgraph ether module, which you will need for pppoe to function anyway.


In other words, these are the options that you will need to obviate the need to load any modules.

options NETGRAPH

For details on compiling a kernel, read Configuring the FreeBSD Kernel section of the FreeBSD handbook.  Please pay special attention to the Building and Installing a Custom Kernel section. 

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  1. Unfourtunatley sympaticousers.org is dead.
    Someone was nice enough to save the page here http://free.mine.nu/~squirrel/PPPoE/FreeBSD%20PPPoE%20Howto.htm
    Regards, John