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Is the Diary or FreshPorts useful to you?

If you find either The FreeBSD Diary or FreshPorts especially helpful, you might consider the various means by which you can support this website.  This page contains various suggestions as to how you can demonstrate your support.

Donate via credit card
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Tell your friends

If you think The FreeBSD Diary is helpful, perhaps you friends might too.   Let them know.  But please, don’t spam any one!  If someone is trying to find help, let them know about this resource.

Add links to your website

If you have a website, you can easily add a link to The FreeBSD Diary.   Here’s what the preferred links looks like:

The FreeBSD Diary

The code for this link is:

<a href="http://www.freebsddiary.org/">The FreeBSD Diary</a>

I would like to have banners created, but I don’t have any at the moment.

Buy via The FreeBSD Diary

When buying books, magazines, CDs, if you buy it through The FreeBSD Diary, that helps. The FreeBSD Diary receives a commission on purchases which can be traced back to the Diary website. If you are going to buy from Amazon, use the links below. Similarly, we also receive a commission if you buy a magazine subscription through one of the links within the Diary.

The FreeBSD Diary receives a commission on anything you buy at these sites, whether or not the product you want is listed in the Diary, just so long as you enter the vendor site from the Diary links.

[ Books ]

If you buy from BSD Mall through this link, 5% of any sales are donated to the FreeBSD Diary.

Hardware donation

There are several areas I wish to explore with FreeBSD, but my current hardware is rather limiting.  In a recent article, I asked for hardware donations.  The response has been impressive.  The full list of contributed items is available here.

Here are the specific items I’m looking for now:

  • nothing right now.

More disks, RAM, etc, are always welcome.  If you can help with any of the above items, please contact via email at donate at freebsddiary.org. All donations will be acknowledged on the contributions page unless otherwise instructed.

Financial support

If you are inclined to provide financial support for The FreeBSD Diary, please send your cheque to 

Dan Langille
Suite 474
900 Greenbank Road
Ottawa, ON K2J 4P6

Please make cheques payable to Dan Langille (my bank will cash foreign currency cheques so there’s no problem there).

You can also make a donation via PayPal or the Amazon Honor System and by credit card.

Donate via credit card Amazon Honor System Click Here to donate to the Diary Learn More