I’m away at BSDCon 2000

I’m away at BSDCon 2000

Yes, I’m away at BSDCon 2000.  Which
means that articles will be few and far between until November.  By the time this
article is published, I’ll be about 2.5 hours into a 12 hour flight from Auckland to Los
Angeles.  From there I’m heading up to San Francisco, and renting a car for a few
days.  I hope to catch up with Jim Mock and Bill Swingle that weekend.  I’ll
probably be at Walnut Creek CDROM (can we still call them that? *grin*) for Monday. 
I plan to be doing some serious shopping for parts (you do know about my hardware goals?).

It’ll be good to see Pat, Murray, Sharyn, Len, Kelleye, Bob, Ellen, and
Jordan (he *still* has my sheep from last year’s con).  Nichole no longer works
there, but I’m sure she’ll make an appearance.

On Tuesday I’m heading down to Palo Alto to see a friend.  I’m not sure what we’ll
do there but I’m sure we’ll drive around and see the sights.  I’m back to Concord on
Wednesday.  The plan is to help out with the pre-conference preparations.

Then I’ll be heading down to Monterey to help out at the conference.  Rumour is, I
get to drive down to Monterey in a convertible, driven by a blonde, with the top down.
  But please, nobody tell her husband!  After the conference, it’s back to SF.
  I fly out to Ottawa to visit family and friends, before flying back to New Zealand
to arrive on Hallowe’en.

And I’ve planned ahead.

I’ve already booked my costume to scare the neighbourhood kids.

More later

If I can, I’ll provide a bit of progress as to the comings and goings at
the con.  But given last year’s efforts, I’m sure others will have much more time
than I will and will produce far more interesting detail.

Until November…

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