USA certainly doesn’t make it easy

USA certainly doesn’t make it easy

Any regular reader of this website will know that I’m away on a trip at
the moment. I’m in USA as part of my BSDCon adventure. I
arrived in San Franciso on 7 October. So far I’ve been down to Palo Alto to visit a
friend. We stopped by Stanford to visit their museum. After feeding the meter for an hour
or so of parking priviledges, we found the museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (this
was Tuesday). Undeterred, we looked at the bronze scuptures outside, which was one
objective of the day.

After that, we wondered over towards the book store. The Job Fair
was on. Literally, and this is no exaggeration, there were hundreds of organisations
there. From CIA to IBM. They were all there. I was impressed with both the number and the
diversity. We certainly didn’t get that at my university (Carleton).

The next day (Wednesday), I headed back up to San Francisco. We had planned to visit
the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). But it’s closed (on Wednesdays). OK. Let’s try the Ansel
Adams centre. Sorry, we’re moving. We’re closed.

It seems everything is conspiring against me. Even the merchants selling their products
over the web. A recent donation to the Diary is a pair of XEON chips. That’s a very
impressive gift. But it means I have to obtain a motherboard in order to make use of the
power afforded by those chips. After some searching and question asking, I settled on the Supermicro
S2DGE motherboard
. The original merchant I found is no longer in business. So I started
looking for others. Unfortunately, none of them want to take my money over the Internet.

They won’t accept a non-USA credit card. At first, that’s rather annoying. I can
understand their reasons, once explained, but that doens’t reduce my frustration level.
Standard procedure when accepting credit cards for payment is to verify the details. Some
merchants cannot (or will not) do this for foreign credit cards. Fine. They are free to do
that. But that doesn’t get me my board. So I tried to find someone who would accept my

Some merchants will accept credit card from the rest of the world. As my luck would
have it, these merchants also verify the shipping address with my credit card company.
Well, New Zealand credit card companies (at least mine) do not record a shipping address.
So even the merchants who do accept foreign credit cards won’t deal with me. I think they
will ship to NZ, but I’m not in NZ right now. And the shipping charges will be
significant. I want the goods shipped to me here in California. But nope. Nobody will do

At one point on Thursday, after trying about ten merchants, I began to feel extremely
frustrated and unmotivated. Isn’t there anyone out there who wants to take my money? I’m
just hoping someone [who works for one of these companies] reads this and makes an
exception for me. I know they’re only trying to cover their ass. But rules are there to
dictate what you do in standard situations. This is clearly not a standard situation. I
hope someone feels that an exception can be made and I can take a motherboard back home
along with the XEON chips.

Oh, and while you’re at it, I’m also looking at getting a Plextor PX-W12432Ti CD
read/rewrite/record drive.

If you have any ideas, or know of anyone who is willing to deal with one of these evil
people from foreign countries with vile credit cards, or know of a shop in the Oakland
area which handles these products, or have any good ideas, please let me know. {NOTE: I
now have all the products I was trying to obtain.  thanks}


In the meantime, I think I’ll go back to bed.

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