Feb 012001

Diary update

I’ve been busy.  Can’t you tell?

I haven’t written an article in several weeks.  I’ve been so busy with the other stuff that I’ve not had anything to write about.  Between peak summer, the end of a project at work, a contract finishing, and FreshPorts2, I’ve been avoiding writing anything for the Diary.

FreshPorts2 is coming along.  The database design has recently changed, and it may change again. The database is capturing messages for FreeBSD-current, and the website design is taking shape.  A friend in Canada emailed me and mentioned FreshMeat2 had been announced.  I guess they heard about our new work.  As hollow as this may sound, some of the features they’ve added were already planned for FreshPorts2.  A graphics designer has been retained do the good stuff.

Last week my NT box died.  It turned out that the fan on the power supply unit (PSU) died.  Which probably let the PSU overheat and die.  After replacing it, the box still wouldn’t boot.  A new motherboard later, it worked.  Oh, and I had to buy new RAM too because it was EDO and the new board took SDRAM.  At least I now have 128MB in four sticks to put into my other boxes.  The floppy drive was also wonky so that was replaced.  When I got it home, the NIC didn’t want to work, so I replaced that with a spare.  All up, it was about US$250 for everything.  Not a cheap week.

Given that my current contract has just ended, I’ll have more time to work on FreshPorts2.  On the other hand, I won’t have an income.  So if you’re looking for someone to do some work, I’m available with php, HTML, and database skills.  There’s a couple of resumes available here and here, depending on which format suits you best.

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