FrontPage 2000 – installing the extensions

FrontPage 2000 – installing the extensions

There are a few Apache/FP ports.  But not everyone uses them.

Cook wrote in to say that he installed the apache13-mod_ssl port, then installed mod_php4,
and finally just untared the fp40.freebsd.tar.Z and followed the directions on the
Microsoft FP Homepage.  The other thing that he needed to do (after following the
directions on above for fp_admin.exe) was to edit the /usr/local/frontpage/version4.0/frontpage.cnf
and add FollowSymLinks:1.

He found that solution after he encountered an error when trying to install a FP web.  The error said something about FollowSymlinks
not being in the right group.  After checking the Apache configuration items and
finding the symlinks directive in the all the right places, he dumped the full error
message into Google.  Approximately ten minutes
of reading and looking, he found the fix.

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These links might prove helpful:

The above URL contains a link to the latest FP tarball.

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