The Linux Diary

The Linux Diary

The website has been sold.  For an unbelievable sum.  I can’t
yet announce who has bought the site, but I can say that I am heading off overseas for a
month.  Rest assured, all the existing articles will remain on the site.  You
won’t miss anything.  I have retained full editorial control of the site, but any new
content will be Linux-oriented. I have seen the light…

Over the years, the Diary has
attracted the attention of various large organizations which have significant financial
backing.  I don’t know if they each had the same motives, but over the past few
weeks, several of them approached me with offers. I don’t actually know whether or not
they were aware that I’d been underemployed for the past year or so.  I don’t really
care.  I’ve taken the money and run. To Ottawa.

For those that aren’t aware, I went to high school and university in Ottawa and my
parents still live there.  It’s also the biggest concentration of technology
companies outside of Silcon Valley.  Name a major player and they have an office
there.  Nortel, Cisco, etc, they all have research centers there.  Why do I
mention this?  Because one of the companies in question is headquartered there.
  I’m off for a quick flying visit to see what they have to offer.  It’s going
to be difficult, flying business class, all the way back to Ottawa… but I’m sure I’ll

An added benefit is that I get to visit my folks again, and perhaps get in some skiing
before the season ends.

I’d write more, but I have to get to the bank and deposit my cheque. I’ve just been
hanging out for this big break, and now it’s here.  Mortgage?  What mortgage?
  It’s been paid off!

Oops, time to pack… later

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