Apr 022001

It’s all true!

Yes, it’s all true. At least the part about me heading off to Ottawa.   It’s a personally funded trip.  No, I haven’t been bought out, but that would be nice.  I definitely would not sell the site unless I was getting a sum of money large enough to let me retire.  I can’t see that happening.

This trip is at the wrong time of year.  New Zealand is having a wonderful summer.  Today it’s clear, still, warm, and beautiful in Wellington.  Last night, I was up in the meeting room in the office which overlooks the harbor.  It was a mill pond.  Very still.   Sailboats heading out for some late sailing.  The Tararuas were clearly visible to the north and there was no haze at all.  The apples on the tree out back of the house are very ripe, crisp and juicy at the moment.  The autumns winds and storms have yet to hit.

I’ll be out on the mountain bike tomorrow for my last ride for a month.  I’m not taking the bike with me, but my running shoes are making the trip.  I plan to meet up with the Ottawa Hash House Harriers Running Club.  I started off with with Bike Hash, then started with running with Port Nicholson Geriatrix Hash House Harriers later on (yes, isn’t the website lovely….).  That will be the extent of my exercise for the next month or so.  Hopefully it will be warm enough to head out on one of my parent’s bikes.  on on…

By the time you read this, I’ll already be in Ottawa having left Wellington on Monday morning.  I’m paying a surprise visit to my parent.  They are still holidaying in Portugal.  The neighbor has a key so I’ll sneak into the house that way.  Luckily, I’ll also have use of the car, yes, the neighbor has the key to that too, so I’ll be able to meet my parents at the terminal as they arrive back.  The last time I did a surprise visit, my mother told me to never ever do that again..’. I hope she’ll forgive this indulgence.