Dec 312001

Pictures of the Ottawa machines

Here are a few pics of what I have in the basement…..

click for larger image I’ve had this desk for about 20 years. It’s ex-government surplus. click for larger image Yes, that’s a rack bought from Ikea. The link provided is to a similar unit but with shallower shelves. I have the deeper version. Look for the Sten product. click for larger image That’s the Sun Ultra 5 on the bottom and a Toshiba on the top. click for larger image That’s the XEON on the left and my gateway on the right

  3 Responses to “Pictures of the Ottawa machines”

  1. I have the identical model!!! Except I bought mine
    from an Ontario Hydro surplus sale in 1979. Can’t
    remember the price…

  2. I have the same ikea server rack and am very pleased with it too =)