Dec 052003

FreshPorts fraud

Someone thought it might be a good idea to register and display the contents of FreshPorts on their page. What is really amazing is that they were asking for donations.

Don’t bother looking at their website. The falsehoods are gone now. I have screen shots and many witnesses. The fake looked real enough. I know many users didn’t notice the difference because they didn’t mention anything to me. I know two users did. I wish to thank them for their emails, both of with arrived within seconds of each other. Their alertness helped to remove this scam.

The thief is Gabriel Medina as provided by the whois details:

   Gabriel Medina (
   Fax: 0704417232
   Torgilsg 36
   Molndal, VG 43136

I find the actions of Gabriel Medina atrocious. I find it particular distasteful. The only credit is that the misleading information was immediately removed upon request. There’s nothing like getting caught to force action.

However, I find Gabriel Medina’s claims to innocence lacking in credibility. Something may be lost in the translation as we do not share a common first language. I’ll be interested in what others think of the email logs.

Full information is available at Please address any analysis, feedback, or comments to the FreshPorts thread I’ve started.

  7 Responses to “FreshPorts fraud”

  1. Dan,
    You are big time now stepping into the realm of defending your content


  2. If it wasn’t for the PayPal link, I’d say "just stupid". There are always people who are going to jiggle the doorknob to see if it’s locked. Unfortunately, there are considerably fewer people who connect the doorknob to a low current, high-voltage supply, in anticipation of the doorknob jigglers.