Linux World Expo 2004 – Part 1

Linux World Expo 2004 – Part 1

I am going to Linux World Expo.

I was not planning on going.

I didn’t even know it was on.

It wasn’t until
someone asked me if I was going, and I saw that a new BSD user group
was going that things starting clicking into place.

You might ask: Why? The answer is simple: Because I can.

Yeah, OK, but why are you going?

People rarely do things unless there is something in it for themselves. I write this
website so I have good documentation. If I need to repeat the process, I know exactly
how I did it the last time. That is valuable to me. It saves me time. It also saves
time for you.

I’m going to Linux World because I want to see what goes on at such a huge event. I’ve
been to a few BSD conventions but I suspect that a Linux
convention is very different. The sheer number of people and exibitors is amazing. At least
to me. As I write this, the website says there are 126 exhibitors….. I’ve been to conferences
with that number of attendees.

And the thanks go to…

I have to thank George Rosamond for letting me stay at his place. Without that, I wouldn’t be
able to go. I can’t afford the hotel fees. And to chromatic (I’ll explain that one in a future
article) for his help.

I’m driving down. Yes. Driving from Ottawa to New York city. It’s about 8 hours, more or less.
I was there this summer. When it was 30C instead of -30C. The northeast is cold right now.
It might still be cold when I get there. I’m just glad the conference is all inside.

My packing list

I’m taking with me:

Yes, I hope to tell people about BSDCan and Bacula. I created those brochures today. They each took about
an hour or so to create. It was easier than I thought. I just took existing information and threw it all
together. I don’t think I’ll be able to make a living as a brochure designer, but I do think my creations
will get the message across and achieve the desired result.

You’re coming with me!

My goal is to write a short bit each day and post it to the website. I’ll summarize what I saw and what
I did each night. I don’t think my photos will be available until after my return.

If you see any exhibitors
that I absolutely must see, please tell me. I’ll add them to my list. Before I leave on Tuesday,
I will let you know what I’ll be visiting.

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