Linux World Expo – Day 1

Linux World Expo – Day 1

I have arrived at LWE 2004. It is big. Much bigger than any conference
I’ve been to before. I have been to conferences where the attendees
are outnumbered by the exhibitors present here. I’ve had time to wander
the floor a number of times. IBM, Novell, Sun, Intel, and AMD are the
big names I remember.

The BSDMall booth is getting a lot of attention relative to some other booths
I have seen. People are taking an interest in both BSDCan and NYCBUG.
I’ve met some people here from CT who may be coming up to Ottawa in May.
They might be going NYCBUG on the train.

George’s place is only a few blocks from the subway. The trains were packed.
Solid. And so are the passage ways where leaving the train. Once you are out
on the street, there is room to move. From 34th stree to LWE, it’s about a
15 minute walk. I’ve been taking pictures, but none of them will be uploaded
until after the weekend.

I’m glad I’m making sandwiches and bringing them. The food here is expensive.
Tomorrow, I’m bringing two 1.5L bottles of water; this place is dehydrating.

I did not attend the LDAP talk as promised. But I am heading from here
(the media centre) over to the PostgreSQL BOF as soon as I leave. That
should be interesting.

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