PostgreSQL – removing foreign keys

PostgreSQL – removing foreign keys I’m a big fan of PostgreSQL. I really like that database. I’ve been working with client/server databases since 1989 using a wide variety of databases including Sybase, Oracle, DB2, mySQL, Access, SQL Server, and SQL Anywhere. Everything has advantages and disadvantages but right now, I prefer PostgreSQL. Every relationship has

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Adding procedural language support to PostgreSQL

Adding procedural language support to PostgreSQL This document was originally written for PostgreSQL 7.0.3 but was updated on 13 October 2001 for version 7.1.3. I’m in the process of creating a new version of FreshPorts.  This version will track all of the FreeBSD source tree, not just the ports collection.  Initial testing of database design

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PostgreSQL – installation and configuration

PostgreSQL – installation and configuration Here’s another plug for FreshPorts.  I’ve been playing with ideas and I’ve come up a few good improvements.  But they will require a database with more features than mySQL.  Specifically, I’m going to need stored procedures and functions. I actually installed PostgreSQL back in late July, but never did anything

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